Friday, February 6, 2009

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Call

The Call is for Prayer, Fasting, Testimony, Praise and Action!

The Call is to reach into the highways and byways to evangelize the lost within the City of Winchester, VA.

Provoking Speakers

Provoking Revival by ministering to the spiritual, physical, and social needs of individuals and their families.

Coach Dr. Dave Daubenmire: Spurred into action when attacked and sued by the ACLU. Founder of Pass the Salt Ministries and Minutemen United. Radio Show Host out of Columbus Ohio, author of "A Season Ordered By the Lord", from coaching a football team to coaching the church. Taking the Battle to the Enemies of Jesus.

Pastor Rusty Lee Thomas: Assistant to the National Director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America since 1994. Serves as the March for Jesus organizer in Waco, Texas. Founder of the Kingdom Leadership Institute to identify, equip and send forth the next generation of leaders.

Dr. Gregory Thompson: Former Superintendent of Schools, Fired for acknowledging God. Founder of America ASLEEP kNOw MORE and Fellowship & Association of Christian Teachers, Author of "Forbidden Secrets" and "Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy", National Director of the Shake The Nation Conferences. Serving Jesus and standing in harms way for the children.

Pastor Mark Kiser: Pastor/Evangelist, Founder of Gap Fillers United and President of America ASLEEP kNOw MORE, getting past the rhetoric, standing up to take action for the families and future generations.

Pastor Philip (Flip) Benham: Master of Divinity Degree, National Director of Operation Rescue, National Director of Operation Save America, witnessing of the Lord Jesus Christ in the public arena, standing against Abortion and other sins against God, family, and country.

Pastor Bill Dunfee: National Director of Minutemen United, bringing men to the battle to serve Jesus and help bring souls into HIS presence for Eternity.

Joel Crumpton has been a student of revival and awakening for over 30 years. He ministers, trains and equips the body of Christ in evangelism, healing the sick and deliverance. Joel preaches a strong message of repentance, holiness and revival as the Lord confirms His word through signs, wonders and miracles of healing and deliverance.

Each one of these men are vessels that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ uses to lead men into the battle across this nation. Men that Jesus has blessed with living waters from their bellies, because of their surrender and obedience to Him, and with a spirit of NO RETREAT as they stand firmly and unflinching in HIS Word. The understand the urgency of the times and stand in harms way for the spirit, mind, and body of the children and families that are at risk.